Thursday, January 15, 2009


How's daddy's favorite lil' cocksucker? You may remember some of this but I will repeat it anyway. You experienced and were told so much as a little girl that I never know what you remember but I know you love to hear about your upbringing and your early years and how you developed your love of cum and cock and pussy. When your mother and I were dating as teenagers (I was 16 and she was 13 at the time), we were parked in the woods and she was telling me about her adventures with sleepovers as she jacked me off. She was friends with 3 other older girls when she was 10 and 11 and was invited to their sleepovers on several instances. The other girls were 12 and 13 and one in particular had developed early and was very proud of her titties and loved to show them off to boys and girls both. She allowed the others to feel and play with them and enjoyed having her nipples sucked and her pussy fingered. She told the other girls about being felt up by older men and by her older brother and his friends and how she loved the attention and the fondling. She also described what cum tasted like and that different boys and men all tasted slightly different but that it was fun to suck cock and get such a reaction when the guy squirted his stuff in her mouth. Your mommy was only 10 at the time and flat as a board. She had some nice puffy nipples but no breasts at all and, with her slim hips, slender build, flat chest and small firm ass, really looked more like a young boy than a girl, especially because she kept her hair cut short in a "boy cut". She was envious of the older girl (who we will call Marilyn) and loved to play with Marilyn's titties and pussy. She was describing in some detail how she would suck Marilyn's nipples and even go down on her and that the pubic hair would tickle her nose but that she liked being watched as she ate Marilyn's pussy and that Marilyn obviously enjoyed it and being the center of attention. Your mother was getting me really hot and excited as she related these stories to me while jacking me off. From time to time, she would drop her head into my lap and suck my cock for a few seconds and then would return to her stories. At one point, she asked me what , if anything, I had done sexually when I was a little boy. I hesitated for a minute or two because telling her of my upbringing might be a huge risk. I really liked her and didn't want to scare her off or disgust her or cause her to run screaming from the car and never date me again. Finally, I thought to myself that she had been very open and forthcoming with me and that I should risk telling her the truth on the theory that "no reward". So I took a deep breath and started in as she slowly conrtinued to stroke my cock. I told her that my parents had raised me on breast milk and cum and that I had nursed much longer than the normal baby and that my mother had made no effort to wean me because she found it sexually stimulating to have her full breasts sucked (by my father as well as by me as well as some of my father's friends and relatives). She was normally small breasted and enjoyed the attention she got from having larger milk filled breasts and was in no hurry to have them revert to their original A Cup size. As a consequence, I was still nursing when I was in kindergarden and even when I started first grade. I remember coming home from school when I was 8 and 9 and going straight to mommy and pulling up her shirt to suck her titties. She never risisted my nursing desires, even when I brought a friend home from school with me. It didn't seem to bother her to be topless with milky nipples in front of one of my 3rd and 4th grade buddies or one of daddy's friends from work. She would get naked or semi-naked without a moment's hesitation and I liked showing her off to my friends and having them tell me how hot my mom was as we played with each other's cocks in my room later. I became conditioned to the taste of cum very early because my daddy loved to squirt his warm cream on my mother's titties and then he and I would lick and suck the cum from her nipples as we both nursed. Mommie would pull my mouth off her nipple and daddy would decorate it with his sweet white pudding and I would go right back to sucking. I associated the taste of the cum with the breast milk and with safety, security, warmth, love and bonding. Soon, Mommy tried squirting breast milk onto the shaft and head of my daddy's cock. It would run down over the head and he would hold it up to my mouth. I would smell the breast milk and immediately go into "sucking mode" and get as much of his cock head in my mouth as possible and treat it is a huge pink milky nipple. When he came in my mouth for the first time, I didn't make a face or cry or spit it out. I just swallowed it down and kept sucking as if it were thick milk. One of my first memories is of sucking on the milky head of my daddy's cock with my mother stroking my head and telling me what a good boy I was. Soon I was demonstrating my cocksucking talents to Daddy's friends and relatives and I also introduced my skills to my little friends (I also had the chance to suck the father of one of my first grade buddies when he unexpectedly walked in on us in my friends' bedroom as I was on my knees nursing on his little pink stiffie. The father didn't say a word. He just took out his cock and held it up to my mouth. In less than a minute, he was squirting my mouth full and I swallowed it down and kept sucking. When I was 8, I started sucking my older cousin Dale who was 13 and already in puberty and very proud of the fact that he could cum. These were the things I related to my girlfriend, later your mommie, as we sat in the car parked in the woods. She became very excited and wanted to hear more and in specific detail and she got very hot listening to me. I will tell you more later about what we did when Dale came home from college at Thanksgiving.
Love and big wet kisses on your sweet smooth hairless cunt from your loving,

Monday, January 12, 2009



I was afraid you might be too young to assume such a responsibility but you were confident that you could take care of the little boy down the block and wanted to earn some extra money. I was out for a couple of hours and came back early because I wanted to make sure that you were getting along OK. When I walked in it was obvious that you had checked on little Billy's diaper (he was clearly old enough to be in training pants but his mother was in no hurry for whatever reason to get him out of diapers) and had lifted him out of his crib and put him on the changing table. As I walked into the room, you were "cleaning him up" with your tongue instead of using a wetnap or a damp cloth. The sight of you nursing on the baby's cute little stiffy got an immediate reaction in the crotch of my panties and I came closer. You raised your head and smiled and said "Daddy, you're home early! Doesn't he have the cutest little cock?" I smiled and agreed and focused in on his erect miniature as my mouth started to water and my panties continued to get all stretched out of shape. You gave me a naughty look and said "Go on, suck it, you know you want to." I have never been able to refuse my sweet princess anything and so I came closer and leaned down and took his cute cock in my mouth as you held it between your thumb and forefinger. It was about the size of a typical pacifier but I could easily take his little stiffy and his balls into my mouth at the same time. As I sucked, you dropped to your knees and unzipped my pants and took out my hot and swollen cock and ran your tongue around the head gently holding my balls in your hand. What a delicious sensation to have your warm wet mouth nursing on my cockhead as I sucked little Billy. I was very close to cumming in your mouth and you sensed that I was near the edge of exploding but you had something else in mind. As a result, you stood up and started to jack me off with your hand and aimed my cock right at little Billy's crotch as he lay on the changing table. The naughtiness of the idea of cumming all over the baby's cock and balls was so intense that I could only last a minute or less. Your tiny hand was so skillful (having been taught to art of jacking daddy off by your mother at the age of three) at stroking me that very quickly the blood rushed away from my head and my knees went weak as the warm cream shot out and covered Billy's cock and balls with a creamy sauce. I almost looked like some exotic dessert served at a fine restaurant (creme brule' a la Billy). The sight was irresistable and you quickly sucked up a mouthful of my warm cum from Billy's cock and kissed me with your creamy lips and tongue. Then you dropped to your knees again and took my wet and still throbbing cock into your mouth, leaving me the sweet and delicious job of "clean up duty" on Billy's slick and creamy cock and balls. How we laughed about that for days and months afterward and what a kick your mother got out of our telling the tale of Billy and his creamy dessert. We even reenacted it much later with one of your teen boyfriends but, while great fun, it did not have the same naughty and forbidden intensity as our sucking session with baby Billy.
When I recalled this incident from years ago, laying on my bed at the Mark Hopkins, I had to go to my suitcase and take out the pair of panties you had so sweetly tucked away for me before I left. Turning them inside out, it was obvious that they were stained with cunt juices and cum which tasted delicious in my mouth as I sucked the crotch and jacked off visualizing my beautiful naked little princess, legs spread, playing with her cunt to tease Daddy and make his cock hard.
I miss you sweetie and am already anticipating some hot sucking and fucking with you and Mommy as soon as I get home.
Big wet kisses on ALL your pretty pink lips from your naughty pantyboy and creampie addict,

Sunday, January 11, 2009




Mommy goes to work or to Auntie's and leaves me with her boy friend and he is naughty. I love to put my little 5 year old hinnie on his face and tease him.. He is so bad. He gets big bumps in his pants. I rub my little bummy with my little pink panties all over his face and then let off a stinky little poot and giggle. I notice his bump keeps getting bigger. I don't know if he likes my butt,my panties or my stinky poots. So I wiggle around more and do it again.. Let off a big wet fart and giggle again and he gets even harder. So I pull my little pink panties over to one side and show off my little pink poop hole and make him take a good look and while he is looking I really spray him with a nasty wet blast toot and make him admit he loves my farts.. I giggle and he wets his pants down really good now as I squish my nasty little 5 year old pooper down on his face and blast him one more time with a big wet gooy fart.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Daddy Pink Panties is beginning to teach his little princess the word games. He gives her a new letter and we make sentences out of the dirty word. Tonight we did Asshole, Bum, and Cunt, & clitty. I love sitting at Daddy Pink Pantie's feet while he tells me the stories of how he got the name Mr. Pink Panties. About his high school days and how he met his wife, then how they dated and fell in love and got married, had their daughter. He loves how his daughter and her girl friends loved to dress him up in pretty panties.. They even took him shopping and dressed him up. His little clitty gets so hard when he tells me about his life. I love it when he cums in his little panty crotch and takes them off and eats the cummies out. so warm and gooy. He will tell me more next time plus more dirty words for our word game.