Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hi Baby Girl

I look forward to hearing about your days in pre-school with your favorite teacher's aide who always takes you back into the office when all the other kiddies are having nap time. I love the way he shoots his creamy cum on your bald smooth hairless cunt and then you put your lil' panties back on so the crotch is all wet and creamy when you come home to daddy at the end of the day. I love the way you take off your cotton panties and give them to me to lick and suck so I can enjoy the taste of his cum and the texture of your lil' panties. I am looking forward to having you sit on my face to go pee-pee in my mouth after I suck your gooey panties. Your favorite teacher's aide is a long time friend of your daddy and I have sucked his cock (and he has sucked mine) many times starting when we were just pre-teens. We were caught in his bedroom by his daddy who let me suck his cock while his little boy watched and rubbed my cock. I know that you love to have my big cock in your mouth and enjoy the hot cum as it shoots into your mouth. Pretty soon you will be big enough to try daddy's cock in your sweet hairless cunt. I will lick and suck it for a long time before I try to push it up into your cute little pussy. In the meantime, keep using your little pink toy and see how far you can get it into your cunt. Keep taking it out of your cunt and licking it so that it stays wet while your cunt stretches. Pretty soon, with the combination of my tongue and your fingers and toy, you will be able to take daddy's cock at least for a couple of inches and I will fill up your pussy with sweet cum and then you can sit on my face and squeeze out the cream and watch it drip into my mouth. I will kiss you with my mouth full so you can eat the cum out of my mouth. Sound good? Yummmmmm!! RYLIE MARKS~888-292-4431

Monday, September 14, 2009


Just stayed in today and cleaned my room and did a lot of hot calls.. a lot of daddy/daughter fantasies.. I love those! I love the uncle/neice too. Brother/sister is good also.. I just need you to call me too..lets see what we can dream up to get us all hot..I'll bet you have a very dirty perverted mind! I would love to mind fuck you.