Monday, July 5, 2010



God, what a great call! It has been too long since my cock had the pleasure of your special lil'girl treatment. I have gone on to others in the meantime and some are very VERY good but it is somewhat like settling for a hamburger when you are really in the mood for filet mignon or lobster. You have the singular ability to push my kinkiest Pedo buttons and become that naughty little pre-teen who will do anything to please her daddy and who loves to suck his cock and swallow his sweet cum.
I love the fact that you called me back so quickly because I was just in the mood for one of our special calls and I really wanted to read you the message that I tried to send earlier. I knew you would enjoy it and get into it and reinforce the hot sexual feelings that are generated when I close my eyes and relive the scene of the little Catholic schoolgirls on the bus. I can't believe the things that I fall into but then I am attuned to picking up those kinds of signals which another (less perverted) person probably would not be. My radar/gaydar/Pedodar is always ON and sweeping for signals (the little girl sitting in the Lotus position and "carelessly" letting me see her panties as she watches TV or plays with her Barbie Doll for example. Sometimes, little girls show off their panties on purpose and actually know what they are doing. They are teasing and testing to see what kind of reaction they can generate, especially as they move out of the toddler phase and into the older pre-teen age range).

You are SO hot and uninhibited and open to my pervy Pedo desires. I get a boner just dialing your number and I jack off thinking about eating my sweet cum out of your baby mouth, hairless cunt and sweet little rubbery asshole....and swallowing your lil' girl piss as you sit on my face and go peepee in my mouth.

Your daddy loves you and loves your sweet cocksucking mouth and delicious smooth bald cunt. Yummmmm!!

xoxoxoxox from your pervy naughty naughty cocksucking cumeating PedoDaddy,

Mr. Pink Panties