Monday, February 15, 2010


Step Daddy Bob writes to thank me for his little sexy valentine weekend with his sweet baby girl Rylie. Mommy was away and told me to take care of Step Daddy. He shows me the note from her with her requests. I think Daddy was just being bad and making his little girl do things for him that mommy had told him he could have while she was away, and I was one of those things, or so he lead his little girl to believe. Daddy is such a naughty little pedo, horny bad boy. He wanted his baby girl's sweet scent of a young little hairless cunny to hover over his face with my little girl school girl pink panties on. Then he progressed to moving my little panties over to the side to lick the pussy nectar out. Before long he had my bare little butt totally exposed.. He wanted to tongue my little poopy hole and cunny hole, while he held my wet pink panties onto his dripping hard cock. He was soon squirting his cock juices into my panty crotch while he gobbled up my pussy and ass juices.. Since he made such a mess in my panties I told him he had to eat all that gueey mess out, so he gladly did every thing I told him to do. If he was to get any more of me, he knew he had to be controlled my his little girl.
RYLIE MARKS~888-292-4431

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